#WillieLynch: We’ll, one of my favorite, most clueless crackers of all time is at again.

#Me: #ChrisCollins?

#Willie: Yeah, Chris Collins.

Me: What’s he clueless about this time?

Willie: Well if they say n**@$ don’t read, that might not be all the way true. But, there are some whiteys that don’t read either. Lol, this mutherf**r went on #CNN, with #WolfBlitzer and admitted he didn’t read the #TrumpCare bill before he signed off on it.


“Rep. Chris Collins told CNN that he didn’t read the entire Republican health care bill that the House passed Thursday.

And then he told The Buffalo News that he was unaware of a key provision in the bill that decimates a health plan that serves 635,000 New Yorkers.

Asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if he had read the entire health bill, Collins, R-Clarence, said: “I will fully admit, Wolf, that I did not. But I can also assure you my staff did. We have to rely on our staff. … I’m very comfortable that we have a solution to the disaster called Obamacare.”

Me: Lol!

Willie: Lol, As clueless as they come. Lol, and “if it’s white, it’s all right”, because according to him whatever the hell he signed into law will be better than what that beige, yellow monkey #Obama signed into law.

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