Me: During many of our correspondences, you change the story from what many people black/white, conservative/liberal would expect. Is this intentional?

#WillieLynch: #WillieLynchAssociates, being a world leader in oppression based, divide and conquer, manipulative economics — we have to stay sharp and ahead of the game. We have to create multiple narratives, and then dictate these narratives to our subjects, to keep these same subjects from recognizing what our real narrative is. Our narrative will be the real narrative that matters at the end of the day, because right now it has the most power — it runs all your miserable lives. Our narrative decides love, life, liberty, prosperity, failure, abandonment, imprisonment, and even death.

We want our associates to be prepared for anything, we want them to be the best manipulators of ignorant n**@$ and dumb crackers that they can possibly be. We about that dictator life, and as I have repeatedly stated — “we are not playing any mutherf**n games”. We’ve intentionally created a physical and intellectual s*** storm to throw the masses off. And, our agents have to be light years ahead of the antiquated, DOS like operating system that we have programmed into many of the white mind possessed/Boosie #Nergoes, and still learning on the job, or naive ass #Millenials and boomers that run many of your “movements” against us.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology #Buffalo #BuffaloNY

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