#Me: Did you hear that Senator #JohnCornyn of #Texas speech was canceled at a “his-storically” black college in Texas. It was at Texas Southern University in Houston, which “was founded in 1927 after the Houston public school board agreed to fund a junior college for whites and a separate one for African-Americans”.


“Officials at a historically black university in Texas on Friday canceled a planned speech by Republican Sen. John Cornyn in the face of “stark opposition” from students to the talk.

Cornyn’s speech had been the focus of a Change.org petition signed by more 850 people that criticized what it called the “discriminatory policies” of the senator from Texas, including votes to approve Attorney General Jeff Sessions and DeVos, his vote for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, and his vote against federal funds for so-called sanctuary cities.”

Me: I guess this is becoming a trend at “his-storically” black colleges/universities, because #BetsyDevos, the US education secretary got seriously booed at Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black university in #Florida.

#WillieLynch: Yes, I heard about this and the other speeches. One question I have is why would a “his-storically” black college or university invite a conservative cracker to speak at the school in the first place? Lol, what does he or she have to say to the student body, that they will actually relate to? Do the people who plan the line up for these speeches, which are most likely boosie #Negroes, and #liberal / #conservative whites think that having these types of folks come speak at the school is a sophisticated move? Lol, I think it proves how dumb and out of touch they are with their students, and why most public education, and “higher learning” institutions are havens for the mis-education of your children.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Buffalo #BuffaloNY

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