#Me: Going back to the “#BET N**@ Awards”, I guess #PopStar #BrunoMars took a beating on social media about his performance there. Someone Tweeted that he is appropriating black culture and “the Funk”. The Tweet went viral. Bruno is part #Latino, #Jewish, and #Filipino. What do you think? Is Bruno black?

#WillieLynch: Damn #Monkenzie! Why you wanna get funky on me? Lol, he sure could’ve fooled my pale ass. He’s part Latino and Filipino? I thought he was light #PuertoRican. He looks like he could be related to #Obama. He’s light skinned looking enough, and that’s black enough for us. “Don’t believe me? Just watch!!!” Although he will get more privileges than actual real dark #Negroes, we’ll destroy his career if he pulls a #ColinKaepernick and gets “mannish” with us. Although he is no #RickJames, #SteveArrington, #BigBub, #MauriceWhite, or #JamesBrown, he has some talent and good showmanship. We consider his genre of #music to be “funk light”, and it will go over well with controlling the populace. The real funk was too mind opening and conscious for #America, and we had to start watering it down a little bit. We don’t want these N**@$ waking up, and these whiteys can barely handle Zanex, and the “opium crisis”. We don’t want the masses to start getting too funky because a good, deep dose of the funk could form into a #tsunami and wash away all our plans.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology #Buffalo

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