#WillieLynch: There’s 2 N***r$ who I love, and who I have raised up to almost be like my “begotten #Negro sons”. “In them, I am well pleased”.

#Me: Which 2 are you talking about?

#Willie: I talking about Uncle, Dr. #BenCarson, and crazy N***r #SheriffClarke. Clarke will be getting ready to join the #Trump administration via the department of #HomelandSecurity.

Me: I don’t know why, he hadn’t been doing anything good while he was the elected Milwaukee County (which includes the city of Milwaukee) Sheriff.

Willie: I disagree. He has the skills, the qualifications, and the experience to help take our agenda to a new level. And, the fact that he’s “black” or has the appearance of a black man, also helps us. Let me quote from his resume.


“As Maurice Chammah wrote at the Atlantic last year, Clarke has been known to wake up the inmates in his jail with bullhorns. He’s a fan of serving inmates “nutraloaf,” a tasteless food concoction that takes the joy out of eating. He has railed against grants to reduce racial disparities in incarceration and even to help solve homicides as “criminal coddling.”

A February 2014 investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found that 10 people had died in Clarke’s jail between 2008 and the end of 2013. Among them:

Antonio Cowser, who died of “complications of a psychotic disorder” after being arrested on a traffic violation. Guards had turned off Carver’s access to water.”

Willie: “To strategically keep a foot up a N**r$ ass” as my organization’s mission statement reads, is all this N**@ knows how to do. The mutherf**r eats and sleeps that s***. Yes, he has the skills to pay the bills. As I was telling you previously, about our modern lynching methods in that one way we have updated our services here at #WillieLynchAssociates, is that we have provided you #Negroes with the means to lynch yourselves. One way this is done, is by empowering gatekeepers who will stand at the gates of your communities and keep you shut off as a whole from prosperity. Clarke is one crazy N***r gatekeeper who is the extreme version of that. He will stand at the mutherf***n gate and actually kill a N**@ himself, or allow you to die. His reputation, love, and commitment to his craft is legendary and speaks for itself. With this crazy N***r and general #McMaster running #Trumps back court, look for there to be some very interesting times ahead for your monkey asses.

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