#Me: Hold up man! That s*** you just hit me with was deep as hell. You’ll have to expound some more. Tell me a little more. What’s the significance of some of the characters? Are there any black male characters in the movie? Isn’t space and the universe mostly black or dark matter anyways? So, how is the “darkness actively spreading throughout the universe?” And, if that’s the case, whose “universe” or point of reference is the movie referring to?

#Willie: I don’t want to give away too much, because we want your monkey asses (even though ya’ll will bootleg the s*** out of it) to go out and spend money to see the movie, but here it goes.

As you know, we’ve been working on as many ways as possible to destroy the black family. We cannot allow the black family and the black male in particular to organize and rise to compete with us for control of the world and its resources. We can’t even allow true economic or political “equity” for ya’ll with us, because then you’d be in a position to try to compete with us, and we ain’t having that. Our ongoing strategy is to confuse and divide ya’ll N**@$ up in as many ways as possible. This movie is a part of an ongoing series of movies to show more “diversity”, and to show a “diversity” that will help spread our agenda.

In a movie where the “darkness” is the villain, and the “light” is the hero, of course there would be white people on the good side. But, we couldn’t cast a dark skinned woman to play the hero, and certainly there would be no black men cast as good guys. So, casting some half breed looking actors as the heroines along side some white male actors exemplifies the type of diversity we want and need. I cannot divulge too much about the movie, but look for any black male actors to play self depreciating roles in it. Our strategy since I wrote the first #WillieLynchLetter has not changed in over 500 years. That is to essentially take the black male out of the picture by dis-empowering him. This leaves open the way in for us to become the new father figures in your community. We have become controllers of your community because with you not around, your women and children get your direction from us.

Great point about the “universe” in this movie. We know that space, and the universe in general is predominately black and made up of dark matter. The “universe” we speak of in this movie is our little, mini universe right here on what is now called Earth. We cannot allow “the darkness” or the “reset button” to over come us.

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