#WillieLynch: #Monkenzie, did you see how we dragged that yellow, former doctor monkey off the #UnitedAirlines plane, and bust him in his mouth?

Me: Yeah, that was f**d up.

#Willie: #MarshalLaw at its finest baby! I know I’m preaching to the gospel choir, as so many of your people already experience this type of authority everyday in your communities. This video has went viral. Now we will have the airline prohibit people from using cellphones period on their planes, and we’ll have to discredit this “doctor” by bringing up stuff in his past — saying things like he was a gay, drug dealing pimp, who used his position to get sex and drugs. Hopefully this strategy that #WillieLynchAssociates is using will keep the public from noticing the real issues here.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology #Buffalo #BuffaloNY

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