#Me: And, with everything going on, we haven’t even talked about this strange case. What do you think about the #DeanadreHarris “beating” that happened at the #UniteTheRight protest in #Charlottesville? Sometime before the crazy white dude with a van ran into a group of counter protectors, Harris was with a group of counter protesters near the rally, near a parking ramp. I guess Harris’ crew was mixing it up with some of the Nazi protesters, words were exchanged, and them “BOOM” — next thing you know he gets bust upside the head and is on the ground getting jumped. One of the strangest aspects of this situation is in the case of #MichaelAlexRamos, apparently #America’s first openly, white supremacist #PuertoRican. Ramos has recently been arrested as a suspect in the beating of Harris. On the video that has gone viral, you can clearly see Ramos joining in the action. What do you think about this strange situation?

#WillieLynch: Lol, he must’ve been having a boogie fever moment, high off dust, cocaine, or crack. As crazy as they are, I don’t know what pastilletto monkey would be out there in their right mind protesting on some Nazi s***. But, then again, this is our programming at work. Some on the island of #PuertoRico, an island that we own as shown by the “lone star” embolden on their national flag, can indeed trace their lineage (through their fathers) back to the conquistadors, Columbus, and their other forefathers from #European Spain. This situation shouldn’t seem strange or unusual #Monkenzie. As per how our divide and conquer, manipulative economics works, the people who look white will be able to “pass” into the larger mainstream society much easier than those who pass the dark matter, litmus test. If Ramos was a dark Puerto Rican, we all know his monkey ass would not be in a Nazi rally turning up with Aryans and Nazis.

In the case of Deandre Harris (and the Nazis), this is what happens when you come to a rally untrained, undisciplined, and full of emotions — something’s bound to erupt, and it did. Albeit the rally was partially “black-opps”, looking at the video footage, the 2 sides of protesters/counter protesters were in a heightened state of tension, yelling obscenities at each other. What usually happens in a situation like this? A fight or a beat down is what happens, and that’s what happened. Where were Harris’ peoples at while he was getting his ass whopped? It was a group of them talking s***, and all of a sudden Harris is the only the only one getting jumped? You better check who you roll with homie, lol! The other thing I did notice was that Harris did an interview a few days after the incident (he raised $100,000 in a #GoFundMe type of campaign related to the incident) where he said something like “all he’s trying to do now is raise money for his rap album.” Lol, I wonder what he’ll be rapping about? Will he rap conscious bars, or spit mostly savage s*** like we got all these other clones doing?

The other thing to note is that we will use “rallies” and “counter rallies” like this one to cause mass unrest, and using this as an excuse to implement #MarshalLaw. Keep watching my fiends.

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