#WillieLynch: Being that I am the one, and only Willie Lynch, I want to show you #Monkenzie, a modern day #lynching…..right here in the #Buffalo area.


“The officer cut the loop around the inmate’s neck and told a partner to radio the code for a medical emergency. More officers and nurses came running. Someone started chest compressions, and seconds later the inmate coughed. His torso began to rise and fall. He survived.

In their statements, the corrections officers called the incident a suicide attempt. So did a detective dispatched to the prison in Alden to investigate. And so did the inmate as he recovered. There was talk of commendations for the quick work to save a life.

Days later, the incident was labeled something else: an “individual inmate disturbance.”

In that category, Sheriff Timothy B. Howard’s officials no longer had to report the event to the state Commission of Correction in Albany. So they did not.

The Commission of Correction regulates New York’s jails and just a few years earlier expressed grave concern about the number of inmate suicides in Erie County, especially within the Holding Center in downtown Buffalo. Moreover, 2013 was an election year for Howard, his first since county leaders settled a U.S. Justice Department lawsuit by, among other things, agreeing to overhaul their suicide-prevention effort.”

#Me: Wow!

#Willie: That’s right! Lol, and this guy #TimothyHoward is your #ErieCounty Sheriff, legally the highest lawman of your area, higher than the #BuffaloPolice. He was just at a rally with #Paladino to support #Trump, and “traditional #American values” a couple weeks ago, and now this comes out? Lol, but he was elected county wide, by the “major-rity” of voters, who feel like he reflects of the types of “American values” that they believe in. Lol, putting people like this in power is the reason why #BuffaloNY is “world series of rednecks champions”, and why my firm #WillieLynchAssociates spends so much time doing consulting in your spiritually cold city.

I guess I can understand what Howard is doing. He’s bringing back a classic style of community service and community policing. Back during legalized, physical slavery, we (with the help of local law enforcement officials) would often #lynch people and not report them as actual deaths, or mis-report what kind of deaths they were. Today we’ve allowed your people the means to physically lynch yourselves. This is why I can also understand why people feel like #BlackLivesMatter, because under our agenda, they really don’t.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology

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