#Me: So what do you think about #Trump’s revelation that he shared “highly classified” US information with the #Russians?

#WillieLynch: Of course he shared information with the Russians. Those are his cousins! Those are our cousins, those are my cousins — we’re all white, we’re all family!!! Lol, this isn’t anything new #Monkenzie. There hasn’t been a US president that hasn’t shared “valuable secrets” with the Russian government, any other white government, or a government of a people we wanted to manipulate. Lol, if the #British is the “original cracker”, and the #American is “greediest cracker”, then the Russian is the “coldest cracker”. Like #RickJames sings “cold blooded”, they don’t play, and have a tumultuous history. John Gotti said “we Italians (Sicilians) will kill you, the Russians will kill your whole family”. That’s why we’re glad they’re on our side. At the very top of the pyramid, we’re all connected. All of this “cold war” stuff is just a smoke screen for us to make big global deals, and make more money partly through conflict and war, and by extracting the s*** out of whoever we can. With Trump we’re setting up the stage for the general public, for a new generation of a fake ass “cold war” between the #Americans and the Russians. This “cold war” cover up will be for some new global, and extractive money making schemes we’ve developed.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology #Buffalo #BuffaloNY

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