#Me: I guess your boy, #MrClueless is at it again.

#WillieLynch: Who? Mutherf**n #ChrisCollins?

Me: You know it!

#Willie: Lol, the most clueless cracker I know. What’s his monkey ass up to this time?

Me: I guess he has been revealed for insider trading.


“You might think members of Congress would take it as a warning if they saw a fellow lawmaker — Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence — lambasted by good-government types after he passed on to a colleague a hot stock tip about an obscure Australian biotech firm.

But no. Instead, four other Republican lawmakers bought stock in the same company amid the controversy early this year surrounding Collins’ investment.

Those lawmakers — Reps. Mike Conaway and John Culberson of Texas, Doug Lamborn of Colorado and Billy Long of Missouri — bought shares in Innate Immunotherapeutics.

But at the same time, all those lawmakers have to vote on legislation that affects the pharmaceutical industry. Nagy said that means they not only bought stock, but they also bought a potential conflict of interest.”

Willie: Lol, n***@$ are not the only ones who like to “monkey see, monkey hear, monkey do”. Lol, Collins got some other conservative monkeys to go along with this s***. I can’t knock em for being a hustler though, because I am a hustler myself, but you gotta be smoove with some things. They’re laughing at you guys all over your country about your (#Buffalo area) representative. If I were you guys, I’d be seriously organizing to get his monkey ass out of office.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology #BuffaloNY

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