I Love My Mac, but Apple Just Isn't Fun Anymore
Noah Halford

with their slick, light laptops now, you need to lug around a separate bag full of adapters to get any work done. so there is cloud this and wi-fi that with those increasing costs to support … and why they felt it necessary to ruin the simple and intuitive interface of apps like the early iMovie and GarageBand to the complicated messes they are today is a wonder … and iTunes should be 3 or 4 separate apps. in fact, Snow Leopard was the best OSX. i do not want an iOS desktop or laptop computer (where Apple is heading), nor do I want to travel about town with an ostentatious earpiece attached to my brain. looking over at my old SE/30, my dead G-4, and my white Chicklet iBook, and remembering my blue iMac toaster, and a few units afterward, i’m feeling nostalgic about being different and beating my competition with great presentations …

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