The boom is here: U.S. solar experiences record-smashing year
Joe Romm

Jeepers Joey, you don’t think it could have anything to do with the fact that tax-dollar subsidies to solar increased almost 60% to 2013 do ya? It’s a fact that solar and wind dies if the subsidies are discontinued, this has been shown as fact any time the subsidies are delayed or denied by congress. This occurred while fossil fuel subsidies have been cut by ~20%. Hopefully the current administration will remove the IV from our wallets to theirs (the RE industry as a whole).

Look at table ES4 and ES5 to see the reality of how much our $billions$ tax dollars are actually supplying in dispatchable energy, and where the “growth” is. Sheesh, “Renewables” received 72% of ALL government assistance and subsidies in 2013 (most recent year values are available).

So I say again: remove the obscene subsidies from RE and the entire ‘house-of-cards comes tumbling down.

Here’s an example concerning the Wind energy industry…


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