Some of these comments are really troubling.
Joe Friday

Your comment is troubling, as it is devoid of any relevant facts. Let me try to help you out: humans have been emitting ~40gt of CO2 per year. Sounds like a big number until you put into context, something the alarmists such as yourself are loathe to do, cuz then the alarmism just evaporates. The mass of the atmosphere is ~5.5 quadrillion tons. 40gt into this mass is ~0.00064%, an insignificant and irrelevant amount when it comes to atmospheric processes: not enough to influence the flatulence of a flea…respectively speaking of course.

You bemoan, “… the alarming “rate of increase” in the “average temperature” of our present climate.” And yet according to the IPCC’ AR5 and NOAA’s Karl et al 2015 study the decadal warming since 1860 has been an almost imperceptible ~0.07C/dec, say that number out loud: “7 one-hundredths of one degree C every 10 years” On top of that the IPCC has also stated that the rate of warming has actually SLOWED since a time when our emissions SHOULD have increased the warming! From ~0.12C/dec from 1951–1998 to 0.04C/dec for 1998–2012.

Technically we don’t even need those “official” analysis because anyone with a working brain stem can easily deduce that the insignificant warming that has occurred over the last ~150 can be explained by 3 climatic occurrences that are not ruled by anthropogenic forcings: the termination of the LIA, the super El Nino in 1998 and the other in 2015 (among other less influential El Nino and La Nina over the course of the entire period).

So do tell us Joe how you reconcile the fact that as our emissions grew the actual warming trend slowed? And if you can explain that, please go on to explain how the warming trend from 1910–1940 (before CO2 emissions were able to theoretically influence the atmosphere) of 0.48C/dec. is any different that the warming from 1975–2005?

It doesn’t take a college degree or special training to look at the metrics and apply a little common sense. Anyone can do it, just stop listening to RealClimate, sKs, and Joe Romm.


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