My Take on the Eastern Oregon Situation
Earl Blumenauer

Congressman Blumenauer, I respect and appreciate your points. In fact, I agree with the three major perspectives you share. I would only suggest that you add one caveat to your second issue: it is possible that all the stakeholders’ interests are being considered in policy, however, at least some degree of investigation needs to assure that administration of the policies is performed with proper respect to the intent of the laws and regulations. It is too often that a reasonable law can be enforced overzealously or with animosity-bias by federal agents. Too many ranchers have indicated that some federal agents have been unfair and unjust in their attempt to fulfill their duties. It is impossible for us on the outside to know if these claims hold water, but they have been made often and loud enough in this case, that I believe some prudent study should occur.

Thank you for considering my feedback. Dr. Lonn Robertson Springfield, Oregon (but I have a ranch in central Oregon so have some perspective on this issue.)

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