All off the top of my head.
Lou, you haven’t “proven” my point false that Hillary is the most corrupt politician that I’ve seen…
Robert Barber

A. I have been to Cincinnati, but chose not to stay.

B. I’m far less biased than you as I actually read what you wrote, and see if you have anything of value to say. I’ve studied history my whole life, so when you say something interesting, like your knowledge of nuclear weapons programs, I don’t dismiss it outright.

C. Thanks for at least agreeing about Bush, even though you won’t admit he is far more corrupt than Clinton, and has done inestimable damage to this country.

D. If given a choice between the potential damage Clinton might do to the country and the real and present danger of a Trump in the White House, there’s a clear choice. The fact that you are only a “maybe” on voting for Clinton shows how completely irrational your world view has to be.

E. You rant definitely came from a different body part far removed from your head.

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