I’m beyond ready for a president who is capable of working with both Republicans and Democrats to find common ground.
Why Hillary Clinton Thrills the Hell Out of Me
America Ferrera

America, props to you for recording your personal anecdotes — they give your article an authenticity sadly lacking from most of these kinds of posts.

But the assertion that Clinton will find common ground is pure fantasy. Obama bent over backwards to try to get even one Republican to sign the ACA and still couldn’t get any bipartisan legislation passed. A President Clinton will be obstructed from day 1, just like they did on Obama’s inauguration day in 2009.

As long as the GOP controls the House of Representatives, we will have total gridlock and a never ending series of Benghazi-related attacks against Hillary, should she gain the White House.

I hope you are personally working for the campaign and do everything within your power to get her elected. But if she doesn’t win the nomination, I say the same thing I say to every Sanders supporter — we have to unite behind the Democratic nominee and work like hell to make sure we don’t have a President Drumpf or Cruz.

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