Donald Trump and the politics of nostalgia
Eric Fershtman

As Americans, we can’t believe that our leaders could violate our personal rights or betray the Constitution, but it has happened far more often than we would like to think.

When W was running as a “compassionate conservative,” no one could imagine he would invade another country for no reason, torture prisoners and violate federal surveillance laws. But he did.

It is naive to think a President Trump will not set the Constitution on fire if it suits his agenda.

My question is when Herr Drumpf talks about creating jobs, addressing trade deficits and making Mexico pay for the wall, are these completely empty promises, or is there an unspoken agenda? As a businessman, Drump has done pretty much anything he wants, thinking he can get away with it.

If he wins, what are the possible actions he could implement to make good on his campaign promises? Here are a few guesses.

  1. Deduct the construction costs from the trade deficit balance with Mexico
  2. Impose new tariffs on imports
  3. Play games with the currency exchange rate
  4. Deport illegal aliens and confiscate their property on the grounds they are criminals
  5. Cut federal funding of services to illegal aliens
  6. Find some excuse to invade a foreign country for profit
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