Shredding the straw man: my theory on removing the headphone jack from the iPhone
Matt Galligan

Damn it! Why did Apple have to abandon floppy disk drives? It was a universally accepted product with a 40 year history.

Oh wait, it’s been four years since I the used the thing that replaced the thing that replaced the floppy. It might have had something to do with being able to buy a terabyte external drive for less than $100, streaming movies from Netflix, and high speed file sharing through varous cloud storage companies.

Apple has a track record of getting rid of stuff we don’t need long before we realize it. Their design genius serves them by: 1) eliminating the cost of an old technology to improve the bottom line; 2) maintaining the impression that Apple has an edge over their competitors; and, 3) making room for a better user experience or a new component.