The 1990s are, for most people acknowledged as the best basketball era in history.
Breaking Down NBA’s Most Common Myths
Ivan Bekavac

Good article about comparing defense and shooting in the two eras.

I would argue the 1980s are the Golden Age of basketball, as there were four super teams, each filled with HOF players in the same decade: Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, and Pistons.

Fans of each team would argue that their best teams could (and in the case of the Celtics and Pistons) beat Jordan’s Bulls.

This season is one of the most competitive so far in modern memory, as increased pace is blowing away the trends from even last season, as only two teams in the league are currently below the 2017–2018 pace average of 97.3, and 22 teams are over 100. In addition, most teams have embraced advanced analytics and are shooting more efficiently (either 3-pointers, or shots at the rim).