I Accept Your Challenge.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Hi Jon, how about accepting a community writing challenge?

Michelle Stone came up with a wonderful dream scenario, in which you and the life-hacking writers face the Anti-Contrarians™ to battle over the soul of Medium.

You said you wanted to expand your own writing skills, so how about answering the clarion call. You are one of the main participants, so you have a priority invitation to write 200 words in the collaborative story, The Grammar Games. It’s all in fun, and it’s your chance to turn the tables on the wise guys. Morgan Rock Loehr was the first to fall, followed by Gutbloom, but you’ve still got a clear shot on Henry Wismayer, and anyone else you’d like to skewer. If you write a funny enough post of 200 words, you may even survive your own chapter! Or maybe we’ll just keep bringing you back from the dead in honor of your incredible perseverance.

You can catch up with the story here:

A 20o word post is what, 20 minutes out of your day? It’s only 200 words. We’d love to see what you’ve got, considering your experience “learned through years of playing shitty punk rock shows and dealing with hecklers.”

Come join the party!

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