I’m super pumped for Kenny Atkinson to turn Mozgov into a 3-point threat enabling DAR to become the…
Cody Jans

I would have been better off reading only this comment instead of the original article. Thanks for giving me a good laugh.

Like you, I was horrified by drafting him in the first place. His best case scenario would have been a poor man’s James Harden. But if you can’t finish at the rim and aren’t an elite free throw shooter, all you’re left with is a streaky 3-point shooter who can’t play defense and makes lots of bad passes.

The Laker Horror Picture show had a four year run, starting with the hiring of Mike D’Antoni and Kobe’s decline, followed by the string of horrific free agent signings. We’ve been “Lakers on a prayer” for way too long (the song is at the bottom of the article).

After the draft, I may be ready to write a new song for the upcoming season.

If they can’t trade the low first round picks, don’t you think they need some guards, now that three of the four main rotation guys (Russell, Williams and Young) are gone?

Even though he has been ignored by a lot of draft experts, I was more impressed by Tyler Dorsey than any other guard I watched during the NCAA tournament. Or do they go with a solid upper classman like Josh Hart or Sindarius Thornwell?

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