Quibble over the order if you like
NBA Franchise Core Rankings from Worst to First
Brandon Anderson

If we look at modern basketball (starting at the Magic-Bird era), the Los Angeles Lakers have been to the NBA Finals 16 times, winning 10 rings. Boston has been to the NBA Finals 7 times, winning 4 rings, and San Antonio has won 5 rings.

Assuming Golden State’s probable dominance over the next three to five years, which team is best positioned to win another championship?

I would argue the Spurs have the worst chance, given the fact that Popovich (age 68) is getting close to retirement and haven’t done much during the off-season, while the other two teams have won titles under multiple coaches, owners and players.

For now, the Celtics are in the best position, as they are still enjoying the spoils of the horrible trade made by Brooklyn for the corpses of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

But if the Lakers sign a better free agent in 2018 than Boston, maybe Los Angeles will be number one on this list.

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