This adminstration has more leaks than the Oroville Dam.
Mike Drop: Ten Takeaways from Flynngate
Dave Pell

Okay, now you’ve gone too far. There are no leaks in the Oroville Dam at present. The top five list of leak magnitude is as follows:

#5: That maddening slow drip coming from behind the shut off valve under the kitchen sink after you installed a new faucet. (Damn you, compression valves!)

#4: The dike in that Dutch fairy tale.

#3: The row boat Rick and Aaron used to cross the zombie infested pond in The Walking Dead.

#2: The collander inside that spinning lettuce dryer thingee (if you want the technical term).

And the number one answer (as well as a good approximation of the chemical composition of the material coming out of the White House) is…

#1: A poorly attached disposable diaper.

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