Russell is much much better than he was as a Laker
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Brandon Anderson

Russell had a number of games like this one as a Laker. When his outside shot is hot, he seems like he has the potential to become a very good player. But then you watch his turnovers, mental mistakes, and general laziness on defense and he’s the same player that drove us crazy for two years.

For the beginning of this season, he is averaging 5.5 assist and 4.3 turnovers per game, for a horrendous 1.28 AST/TO ratio.

Last year, with the Lakers, he had improved to 4.8 assists with 2.8 turnovers for a career high 1.71 AST/TO ratio.

By contrast, Lonzo Ball is tied for 4th in the NBA with Lebron, averaging 9 assists per game. After last night’s insane 10 AST-1 TO game, his 3.0 AST/TO ratio is 3.0 (better than Westbrook, Wall, Harden, James, Curry, Durant, and Antetokounmpo).

Playing in the East, Russell will definitely have gaudy scoring stats, but I couldn’t be happier with the trade that brought us Kyle Kuzma, and got rid of the Mozgov contract!

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