they would stop being so afraid for their own precious selves,
So many male tears!
Mirah Curzer

There are two completely different points being made here, but you seem to be connecting them in a strange way.

The first idea is that men concerned about consent changing the next day may, in fact, be afraid (especially the black guy). Is this group more careful about getting consent? If their behavior is significantly different from men who use alcohol or intimidation to force consent, then it is irrelevant if their fear is legitimate or if there is an extremely low risk of a wrongful conviction.

The other idea is that we need to educate all young men better about consent to reduce the incidence of non-consensual sex.

Both ideas are concerned with providing women a safer environment — something we should all want.

Seeing the previous comments, you might want to state your case in a way that doesn’t alienate some of the people who already support your side.

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