He meant let me get these doors over here for you.
Sexism is Hard to Explain
Kel Campbell

What would happen if you said “no let me get the door for you” and opened up your door first?

[UPDATE: Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa]

My ignorance has been exposed for all the world to see. Kel and the other ladies have been gracious in not flaying me too much for being so unaware. I wanted to delete this comment because it is so embarrassing, but then I decided to leave it up with this news story that Kel Campbell shared.

Nobody knows what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. The gaps in our experience are like the Grand Canyon. No, bigger. Like the space between planets in our solar system. (For example, I don’t drink, and haven’t been to a bar as a single guy in over 30 years. So how could I possibly comment on the controversy over date rape?)

If you have recommended this comment based on my original idiotic question, don’t show yourself to be as big a fool as me. Instead, educate yourself by reading about womens’ issues and don’t say a word, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

[UPDATE 2: Pax Ahimsa Gethen shared these links in a comment which may help you understand and overcome some of your blind spots about sexism and racism:

Racism is the systemic oppression of people of color by white people. For an educational illustration of why the “dictionary definition” of racism is not helpful in combating real-world oppression, please see this comic by Robot Hugs. See also this article in Everyday Feminism explaining the difference between racism and racial prejudice.

It’s another facet of the reality that we straight white males play the game of life on Easy Mode. It doesn’t mean you have no problems; it just means that you can’t judge others because you assume everyone has the same privileges that we take for granted.]

For a beginner’s course in understanding sexism, please read this modern fable:

Guys! Here’s the same fable written from the male perspective!