The future lies in your brain

Look around and ask yourself, is South Africa a safe country? Is this a free/friendly nation? Is there hope for your children (or your elders)?

Your brothers, sisters, teachers and friends are being slaughtered, killed or raped while you sit back and do nothing.

Our economy stinks and our attitude promote this filthy ‘doo-doo’.

While we beat fellow Africans or take down these statues, we could be emerging solutions to earn a living.

How is he stealing your job if you have a Grade 6 and he has a Diploma? How is he stealing your job if he wakes up every morning to wash cars so he can earn R30,00 a day to put food on the table? Don’t say there isn't a job if you haven’t made the effort to find one. Seven places might have neglected you, that doesn't mean the eighth place will do so too… Sometimes the best motivation comes from within.

Not every foreigner is a drug dealer, killer or snitch. Are you that naive to differentiate between the person giving you a gun to shoot your brother so he can take everything you own while you’re in prison, then from a harmless life trying to earn a living innocently? These are two different people, both having an impact in your life.

Focus on the future rather than on history. Yes we are where we are because of our history, but if we keep on dwelling around the same circle, what is there for our future? Nothing, just the same old kick in a different day.

You and I may answer this question differently, it’s your freedom of choice. However, somewhere along the line we may agree that change is needed and it is needed now! Change begins with you and I.

Stay Awake!

Vul’ ingqondo wakhe isihlalo sakho. Xa uMzantsi Afrika emoshakala uwujongile, uthi ngubani onowulungisa? Ndimu nawe, namhlanje, ngomso, nangelinye ilanga. Thath’isgqibo kuba ubomi bakho abuphinde bufane. (IsiXhosa)— Open your mind and realize the situation, change is needed and it begins with you and I today for a better tomorrow. Take the step forward because your life will never be the same.

Welcome to South Africa, where school kids have the guts to mug an adult while they’re too lazy to study for matric (Grade 12)… The best country in the world right?

by Lonwabo Marele —

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