After considering both options carefully, I have choosen to explore the first option about my values, identity and strengths during my freshman year of college. I choose this option because it is something I am genuinely interested in. While I’m sure I could join several groups that I am interested in or can relate to people in, I am looking forward to discovering what makes me who I am. College is a time where many people find their true selfs and really understand who they are. Many people tell me that college is the most fun time of your life. Right now I am wondering if these people have confused the word “fun” with “stressful”. I am excited to make discoveries and learn who I am but I am also anxious that I will struggle with identifying myself along with my goals. I will gain information by looking back at where I used to be and analyzing where I am today. It will be important to remember important moments that I feel define me or have shaped me. Living in a digital age, I will most likely look back on many big events through my social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. I will explore multiple research questions that are relevant to my first year. Why did I chose to attend the U of M? Where do I fit in? How can I be successful? What am I good at? These will all be researched and hopefully concluded upon. I will gather information about my questions by looking deeper than I ever have into the decisions I make and why I make them. I would also like to explore my experience in college coming from a middle class family compared to a student coming from either a wealthy or low-income family. I think this information would be helpful in identifying how justified I am in labeling higher education as corrupt and unfair. Perhaps my persepective of higher education will change by the time I am done with college or maybe my current opinion will grow even stronger. No matter what I decide it will be important to be conscious of what I am feeling and when. Another issue I would like to explore is how my college experience as a women is different from a man. I am passionate about equal rights and opportunities for women but am also prepared to find results that are not what I was hoping to find. Through my whole freshman year I will learn in my classes but also learn about myself through new experiences. These lessons will stick as I learn from my mistakes. During my first few weeks I have learned so much from things like getting lost and biking on the wrong side of the road. I have decided that it’s important to not be afraid of these mistakes because without them we would never be capable of growth. As embarrasing as they may be they happen to everyone but they make us all smarter. To come to a conclusion, the exploration of my true identification will come over time and through careful reflection as I take on the huge task that is my first year of college.