2 Chainz is the “Drench God”

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is quick to tell you about his expensive taste. Whether it’s in his snapchat story or in his lyrics.

All designer shit, I got a crib in my closet — “Crib In My Closet”

We added up how much his most recent outfits cost. If you had it like that, wouldn’t you do it too?

$1,520 jacket. $28 hat. Ok not EVERYTHING is expensive.

$3,150 Gucci Bomber jacket. Here’s a nice alternative for way less.

$1,495 shirt. $940 pants. $1,250 shoes. You do the math.

We show you how to get his look for less on Looklive.

For more 2 Chainz outfits, check out this closet here.

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