Minimalist logo brands that are ruling the world

“That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Steve Jobs highlights an extremely important point about simplicity in design; complexity can cloud a consumer’s perception of a logo. From search giants to entertainment apps, to the popular tech brands, companies have been updating their brand to keep up with the latest minimalist, flat style. Some companies are creating their designs internally, while there are still a fair amount of known brands who have outsourced to well-known agencies like Pentagram and Design Studio. Here is a breakdown of six universally popular brands that have since redesigned their own mark successfully in order to stay relevant in this hyper-visual world.

Apple Computers (by Ron Wayne then Rob Janoff)

(Image source: Apple)

Apple is one of the most recognized brands that the world has seen in the past decade. Part of their success lies in their mark; it has significantly shifted from it’s original illustration, to a much simpler, more memorable logo. Consumers instantly associate the visual to the brand, making it one of the most successful product logo in the market.

Uber (by Uber)

(Image source: Uber)

Uber’s simplistic shift in logo allows the negative space to highlight a visual that is essential to their brand. Their unique mark can be seen easily on cars, allowing potential riders to successfully recognize their transportation in a matter of seconds.

Instagram (by Instagram)

(Image source: Instagram)

Because Instagram changed their logo so dramatically from their original mark, many people criticized the change. However, its minimal and colorful appearance allows for a more universal, artistic alignment with its users, unlike the original, retro camera. Most mobile apps have shifted their appearance in the past few years to fit in with the modern era of app design. Clean design is effective and timeless, and will help companies continue to draw users to their product.

Netflix (by Netflix)

(Image source: Netflix)

While Netflix did not change their logo completely, they have created a new icon for mobile and application use. The success of this logo lies in a consumer’s ability to relate the red ribbon to the red carpet or movie reel, while leaving the important visual of the “N,” which is integral to the Netflix brand.

Airbnb (by Design Studio)

(Image source: Airbnb)

Here, the shift is dramatic. The once “cozy, cloud-like” logo has evolved to become a more sophisticated and clean mark for the ever-growing company. Airbnb’s original logo does not indicate the shelter, home, comfort and unity that the new one does. The icon is conceptualized and clean with simple type. The icon highlights the “a” of the company name, a house, and the warmth of the hosts and getaways that are so common in Airbnb locations, making it a powerful logo.

Google (by Google)

(Image source: Google)

Google does not use an icon, but rather a wordmark as their logo. They are one of the most influential brands worldwide. Their use of four vibrant colors has transcended many of their subdivisions, making consumers link those unique elements directly to Google’s identity. Sometimes, an artistic icon or mark does not necessarily impact the success of a company; typographic treatments, such as Google’s, can become so recognizable with the addition of unique design elements.

Originally published at on March 6, 2018.



LOOK is a full-service advertising, branding, and marketing agency ideally situated between San Francisco and San Jose, CA, in the lovely city of San Carlos.

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LOOK Agency

LOOK is a full-service advertising, branding, and marketing agency ideally situated between San Francisco and San Jose, CA, in the lovely city of San Carlos.