Do not look back with anger!

A wise man once said: “Remember the past, only when it brings you joy.” This is what I did! Let me tell you the story! These days I watched TV. Do not know why, but it was like I saw myself when I was little and I looked at Tom and Jerry cartoons. I still remember how much I hated that mouse. Jerry won almost all fights with Tom. I was so angry on him. I hated him from the bottom of my heart. I even said to my father: “When I will grow up, I’ll go after Jerry and I will beat him so that Tom will be the winner”.

Tom and Jerry

I still have some episodes in my mind. And, even if I hated Jerry, they were so funny. It was a real pleasure to see them. The cartoons from your childhood remain in your head and entertain you when you think how involved you were in their stories. When you see how Jerry beat Tom all the time, or, sometime, when they made peace.
Childhood were nice. All that joy that you feel when you were watching cartoons… It’s like living an adventurous fairytale. It was amazing.

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