Zorro or natural beauty?

The reality is different from person to person. But how real are you when you get makeup? Our real face is there or not? When we find makeup, we lost our innocence! If a man likes you for your makeup, it means he likes the mask you wear. But how it will be when he will see the truth? Will he love you anymore?

Naturalness is the true beauty. When you hide yourself behind the makeup, you hide from others but also from yourself. Who likes you, accepts you as you are. Beauty is relative. Why be false? Why be ashamed of your face?

If your makeup is discreetly, only to emphasize your beauty, is ok. But if it takes more time to clean your makeup than to watch a movie… you already have a problem.

Nothing is more beautiful than the naturalness. When you are natural, whether you are truly beautiful or not, people will love you for who you really are. Be proud of your characteristics and show it! If your lover or boyfriend asks you to makeup, it means that he do not like you for your naturalness. He can love you for your character or for your way of being, but if he do not like your innocence, he will try to change you. Be original! Be simple and proud of you!

The makeup is a mask that we use it sometimes to beautify ourselves. I use makeup, too. But I do not spend an hour in front of the mirror. Something discreet only to be in trend. With makeup or not, I feel good. People criticize you anyway. But the moment you feel good, bad world can not affect you.

Do not be a fake!

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