5 Types of Sleeves for Slim-Looking Arms and Shoulders

C’mon, admit it. You sometimes look at yourself in front of the mirror and whine about how big your arms look or how broad your shoulders look. Don’t we all? Even a lot of us here are guilty of such self-criticism.

But don’t you fret, my dear lovelies. In fact, don’t be too hard on yourself because we’ve found a trick that can help create an illusion of slim arms and shoulders.

And it’s all about the type of sleeves.

So if you’re ready, check out these sleeve types to amp your styling game:

Cap Sleeves

They’re cut to create a sort of “cap” around the top of the arms, creating a horizontal line along your shoulders’ entire length. The trick to wearing clothes with such sleeves depend on what look you’re trying to aim for.

For a flattering vertical silhouette in the upper part of your body, opt for cap sleeves that fall low and in the right angle with your horizontal arm line.

Bell Sleeves

Navy Floral Print Off-Shoulder Shift Dress

Flared on the lower sleeves, these types are great for balancing muscular build arms and shoulders. They help balance out a bulky upper body.

Of course, there’s a fine line between looking contemporary and looking like someone who just came out from a renaissance painting. So be careful when wearing a piece with such sleeve.

Raglan sleeves

Plus Size Green Raglan Sleeve Dress

Oftentimes called baseball sleeves, these are great if you want to create an illusion of long arms for a slim look. They’re also great for shrinking shoulders that are broad.

3/4 , Half and Long Sleeves

Dark Grey Long Sleeve Knit Tee
Plus Size Black Lace Surplice Midi Dress

For a look of long, slim arms, then these type of sleeves are you best bet. In fact, the 3/4 sleeves are the most flattering because they highlight the wrists while concealing the upper arms, creating a slimming look.


Gold Stamps Neck Black Mini Dress
Light Yellow Plunge Bow-Front Romper
Flowy Fringe Tank — White

As the name describes, tops or dresses with no sleeves create a long vertical line that can be eye-catching. However, if you have muscular shoulders or arms that you’re pretty conscious about, consider wearing a tank top with a neckline that’s deep to balance out the look. Otherwise, just go ahead wear sleeveless tops and dresses as they can be very sexy no matter what the season is.

And that’s it. Hopefully, these can be instant fixes to slim down your arms or shoulders. Happy styling!


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