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I am never inclined to Call ‘Data Science’ as Data Science, as it is never Science at the first place. We are bunch of Geeks, who meddle with Data and find out if we can make out something out of the patterns. We are lucky only when it comes to predicting Physical laws or Controlled environments such as Attendance results in a School or an Enterprise. But, Study of social groups, economic behavior, ecological studies still remains as a puzzle.

We cannot predict the next Warfare, next Earthquake and next Great Depression.

Even to things as simple as, who will be the President of United States (failure of Nate Silver is a clear indication) or whether a movie would be a Hit or a flop, is still unforeseen.

So as the joke continues, “A data scientist is someone who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician.”

So, I call this a Tool-kit, where you can pick any one of them for your further research which involves Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Chat bots , Complexity Science and Agent based modelling.


Watson Analytics (You can try 30 day free trail, it is like as if you hired a Data Scientist for yourself) (link)

Explorer Content Analysis(Works well for Text analytics) (here)


Azure Machine Learning Studio (It gives the bird’s eye on everything, the best I have come so far) (click here)

Cognitive Services (Interesting APIs to get a feel of Deep Learning) (here)

Data Science Certificate (here)

Excel Add-in for Data Mining using MS SQL 2008 (here)


Tensor Flow (here)

Data Studio (here)

Experiments with Google (here)

Online Play


Data Camp (for beginners in R & Python)

Raw Graphs (link)

Other services

Probability and Math (Khan Academy) (link)

Universe AI (link)

Open AI (link)

Uber (link)

Intel Academy (link)

Baidu (link)

Text analytics API (link) — AYLIEN

Knime Analytics (link)

d3.js (link)

Text Analytics

Twitter analytics (link) [here is what it can do..sentiment analysis, cluster analysis, network topology, heat map, data set, and Maps API]

Monkey writing on Typewriters (link)

AYLIEN (link)

Simulations: Agent based modelling

NetLogo (Simple Machine Learning applet)

Any Logic (link)

Repast (link)

Insight maker (link)

Crash course on Agent based Modelling (link from Coursera)

Processing (When visual arts meets programming)


Machine Learning Apps (Link)



Wolfram World

Wolfram Data Science Platform (Coming Soon, click here)

Stephen Wolfram post on Machine Learning & Data Science

Wolfram Cloud (Link)

The one who got Gold with Data (for inspiration)

Nassim Nicholas Taleb (His Hedge Fund & his theory & mini-certificate)

Paul Wilmott (Blog)

Benoit Mandelbrot (Page)

Ed Thorpe (Page)

Art De Vany (Hollywood Economics)

Freakonomics (Blog)

Complexity theorists (Santa Fe Institute) and (Complexity Explorer)

Yaneer Bar Yam (NECSI)


KD nuggets (link)

Kaggle Competitions (here)

Think Vidya Hackathons (link)

Meet ups (here)

Datasets Bank

  1. One stop for financial data (Quandl)
  2. Web scraping tools
  3. Yahoo Finance
  4. Collection of all AI websites (Link)
  5. (link)
  6. UCI (link)


You can add new entries by sending me the details in here: lookdeepu(at)


AI Learning path (click here)