Slumdog millionaire — instead of Dev Patel, what if Wolfram Engine is on Hot seat.

“For those who are new to Wolfram Language, In[] is where the code is given, and Out[] is where the Response is provided after running the code.”

Imagine Wolfram Engine is in the Hot Seat, trying to guess the above answer..
At first, it takes up the code that generates the image of 100 Bank note of a US Dollar bill. To match the image, it takes all the 4 options given and check their profile pictures. Bingo ! Benjamin Franklin fits our bill.
Let’s tick Benjamin Franklin as our response and freeze it !

Q1) The landmass of which of the following continents is the least?





Wolfram Response hint
Now, you know the answer, Australia has the lower landmass

Q2) The great Victoria Desert is located in


B.West Africa


D.North America

Wolfram Response hint
We know again “Australia” is the answer

Q3) Along with Blue and White, which other color features on the national flag of the United States of America?

A. Orange

B. Yellow

C. Black

D. Red

Wolfram Response hint
Answer is “Red”

Q4) Which logo on a flag identifies a ship’s crew as pirates?

A. Lion

B. Skull and Crossbones

C. Bull

D. Hammer and Sickle

Wolfram Response hint
It’s quite evident is it not, “Skull and Crossbones” is the answer

Q5) What is the chemical symbol for ‘Zinc’?

A. On

B. Jn

C. Cn

D. Zn

Wolfram Response hint
I don’t need to help you , to say what is the answer

Q6) In which country do the famous pyramids of Giza stand?

A. Syria

B. Egypt

C. Lebanon

D. Libya

Wolfram Response hint
Ok, Again the answer is direct

Q7) What does the Dell Company make ?

A. Pens

B. Computers

C. Cars

D. Watches

Wolfram Response hint
That can be an easy Guess, they sell Computers !

Q8) Which of these is the correct title of a play by William Shakespeare?

A. Romeo and Juliet

B. Brooklyn and Juliet

C. Cruz and Victoria

D. Romeo and Sandra

Wolfram Response hint

Q9) What is the capital city of India?

A. Islamabad

B. Mumbai

C. New Delhi

D. Buenos Aires

Wolfram Response hint
Ok, That’s New Delhi

Q10) What type of domestic animal is the Pit Bull?

A. Cat

B. Dog

C. Rabbit

D. Bird

Wolfram Response hint
I don’t even need to express the answer. You know it already.


If you are new to wolfram language, i recommend you to watch this video