Pandemic continues to cross events off art calendar.

Sonia Stubblebine, Look Lateral

Christie’s auction house has announced its decision to give up its large evening sales in New York City.

This year instead of a series of auctions there will be one broadcasted live from several cities. Christie’s will merge its online and offline opportunities and organize four auction sessions in various locations around the globe that will be broadcasted live. They will be held on July 10th in Hong Kong, Paris, London and New York and will combine Impressionism, Modernism, Post-war and Contemporary art and Design. In each city the auction will be conducted by its own…

British Airways collection for sale

Sonia Stubblebine, Look Lateral

Due to the crisis and uncertainty that British Airways faces because of the coronavirus pandemic, the company puts its renowned art collection for sale.

The British Airways collection include works of prominent artists such as Anish Kapoor, Tracey Emin and Chris Ofili, with some of the works being valued for more than £1m.

Tokenizing Mona Lisa

Sonia Stubblebine, Look Lateral

Covid-19 has plunged all sectors in major crisis including cultural one. The wild idea of the way how France can offset its losses from the shutdown came to French businessmen and CEO of Fabernovel Stéphane Distinguin. France should “sell the family jewellery” told Distinguin to Usbek & Rica Magazine.

He proposed a radical and unprecedented idea of selling the most famous painting in the world — Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

Gioconda embodies classicism more than any other painting that one can think of. This step of selling such an iconic painting reveals French’ willingness…

Quayola, Strata #1, 2008.

to preserve a mother’s artistic legacy

Chiara Rizzolo, Mktg Manager and Eugenia Bertelè, Art & Content Manager

A New Digital Art Marketplace for a New Form of Art Patronage

Brooke Einbender, Art and Content Manager, Look Lateral

First Issue • Winter 2018

Eugenia Bertelè, Art & Content Manager, Look Lateral

The 2nd edition of Look Lateral Magazine will be launched at Art Basel Miami 2018

Eugenia Bertelè, Art and Content Manager, Look Lateral

The First Issue of the Second Edition of Look Lateral Magazine, A Daydream In Contemporary Art, will be launched at Art Basel Miami in the editorial section, from Dec. 5th to 9th, 2018. Art Basel Miami is a highly anticipated event for key players in the international art market to come together: galleries, collectors, press, critics, socialites, and enthusiasts travel from around the world to attend this renowned fair. The Magazine’s premier launch at Art Basel Miami marks the revival of a spectacular publication, which will be released for years to come.

Aaron Thompson, ‘Feeling it.’

Art and Blockchain

Tommy Cooksey, Dragonchain Foundation

A man passing by the Chinese-French artist Zao Wou-Ki’s “Juin-Octobre 1985”, the most expensive painting ever to sell at auction in Hong Kong.

Brooke Einbender, Art and Content Manager, Look Lateral

The $63 billion art market is at a pivotal moment of transformation — art fairs are increasing around the world; auction houses are experiencing record-breaking sales; and technology is facilitating the rapid spread of information globally. The art market has experienced 12% growth between 2016–2017, and is expected to grow even more in 2018. The total number of “online art sales” is predicted to increase by 69% to $9.14 billion in 2021.

Fine art is a non-correlated asset that helps diversify risk and safeguard value.

The following secondary art market case studies signify the importance of fine art as a valuable investment with promising returns:

Andrea Mantegna, Camera degli Sposi (Camera Picta), 1465–1474

Tom Lavery, Marketing Advisor and Brand Storyteller, Look Lateral

Art is humanity — our expression of hope, the divine, and the invisible bond between us all.

Art is democratic — everyone can produce it, everyone can benefit from it. What you bring to it, is as valuable as what it brings to you.

The Art Industry, is another story. Even for collectors, investors and art-lovers. There is little transparency and it is, for the most part, Inaccessible, Illiquid and Inefficient.

It is the most antiquated multi-billion dollar industry remaining — imagine other asset trading before the stock market.


Unlocking the Value of Art

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