A Daydream in Contemporary Art

The 2nd edition of Look Lateral Magazine will be launched at Art Basel Miami 2018

Eugenia Bertelè, Art and Content Manager, Look Lateral

The First Issue of the Second Edition of Look Lateral Magazine, A Daydream In Contemporary Art, will be launched at Art Basel Miami in the editorial section, from Dec. 5th to 9th, 2018. Art Basel Miami is a highly anticipated event for key players in the international art market to come together: galleries, collectors, press, critics, socialites, and enthusiasts travel from around the world to attend this renowned fair. The Magazine’s premier launch at Art Basel Miami marks the revival of a spectacular publication, which will be released for years to come.

Look Lateral Magazine, issue #1, 2013

Look Lateral Magazine was founded in Mantua (Italy) in 2007 by Maria Grazia Savoia as an art, design and fashion magazine, distributed before with Marie Claire Maison and later with Finegil Group-La Repubblica. In 2013, her son — Look Lateral current founder and CEO — Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia, decided to honor the memory of his mother transforming the former publication into a cutting-edge contemporary art magazine, with an international distribution and a positioning in the editorial sections of the most influencing art fairs of the global scene.

The ambitious aim of the renewed magazine was to get people closer to contemporary art, taking its reader into a fantastic journey across the art and creativity world, through a structured single-day itinerary spanning from early morning to late night. This, by always offering a lateral and fresh vision, hanging out with the most interesting personalities (artists, curators, professionals of the art system), visiting art hotels, design stores, restaurants and new creative initiatives around the world, suggesting key information to understand the specific context of the contemporary visual arts.

Second Edition

Look Lateral Mag — Issue #1 2018, Winter Edition

The new edition of the magazine is a collectible luxury book.

Once you get a copy, please… do not hesitate to touch and peruse each stunning page!

How many layers…

What treasures will each chapter reveal?

Printed in Italy on refined papers and finished with manual techniques

Every single page is one-of-a-kind.

A precious, rare volume for readers to collect and revisit for years to come.

Of course,

all contents are timeless.

And… dear reader, this is a very good news for you:

there is no expiration date, written on it.

You have time to read. That’s definitely a rarity!

Travelers, dreamers, and art enthusiasts…

Discover Look Lateral Magazine’s visionary map and experience a fantastic day across the international art world!

Whenever and wherever you want, travelling, flying, navigating, driving, or simply laying in your bed.

Open the contents of this collectible magazine
and it will take you to exotic places…
… introduce you
to fascinating
and heighten
your artistic awareness
and global perspective.

Stay tuned…

The digital version of the Magazine will soon be available at www.looklateral.com!