Quayola, Strata #1, 2008.

A Digital Art Marketplace

to preserve a mother’s artistic legacy

Chiara Rizzolo, Mktg Manager and Eugenia Bertelè, Art & Content Manager


Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia is a young Italian entrepreneur, moved by the strong desire to preserve and enhance his mother’s legacy, Maria Grazia Savoia, passed away too early in 2009. Since then, her loving son has turned her editorial project, Look Lateral Magazine, into a global cultural revolution for the modern and contemporary art market. He has done so by leveraging blockchain technology, which is anticipated to be the breakthrough technology of the new millennium.

Andrea Mantegna, Court of Gonzaga (Fresco in the Camera degli Sposi in the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua), 1474.

Look Lateral was founded in 2007 in Mantua, a small town in Northern Italy with a glorious Renaissance past. Thanks to the renowned Gonzaga family, known for their patronage and their ability to anticipate the times in art, architecture and business, Mantova was the cradle of artistic and architectural masterpieces and the home of Andrea Mantegna, Giulio Romano and Leon Battista Alberti, who some refer to as the father of modern cryptography. These artistic visionaries made Mantua into a thriving, innovative city. The city’s great artistic history led Maria Grazia Savoia to create the Look Lateral Magazine, focusing on art, design and fashion collectibles.

In 2013, to honor the memory of his mother, Niccolò transformed Look Lateral Magazine into a cutting-edge contemporary art magazine, with international distribution and positioning in the editorial sections of some of the most influential global art fairs, such as Art Basel, Frieze, FIAC, ARCOMadrid, Ch.ACO and many others. The new mission of the magazine was to make contemporary art more accessible, offering the readers a fresh, creative and lateral journey into the contemporary art world.

In 2016 he founded a new company in Seattle, a tech city that has incubated some of the largest companies in the world, to leverage blockchain technology and solve some of the art market’s most urgent needs, such as the lack of transparency and accessibility and the need for new liquidity.

Niccolò’s goal was to revolutionize the current art ecosystem and make it more accessible by using technology to create a new digital, disruptive Renaissance.

Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia, Look Lateral CEO & Founder.


Continuing to be driven by the values of the Renaissance, Look Lateral’s mission is to harness the intellectual and artistic heritage of the historical art greats to create a digital blockchain environment that ensure security for users. Look Lateral’s FIMART — Fractional Marketplace of Art — was created to encourage greater participation in art as an asset class and a cultural asset. With FIMART, more communities can access the global art market and participate in the purchase and sale of fractions of artwork.

The platform’s main functionalities — Tagging, Pricing, Provenance and FIMART — are fundamental steps to ensure greater transparency, increase liquidity and grant every user, from museums and galleries to individual collectors and curators, a new way to access the art market.

FIMART interface

In January 2018, Look Lateral started its journey as a token presale and is now launching an STO — Security Token Offering . The LOOK will be issued pursuant to the Reg D requirements for U.S. investors and Reg S requirements for non-U.S. investors, where allowed. The full KYC (know your customer) and the STO are now open and Look Lateral expects the process to run for several months.

All people can be future users of Look Lateral platform!

Ownership of the LOOK Security Token is not required for accessing the Look Lateral services or FIMART.

FIMART dashboard

The LOOK Security Token will entitle its holders to receive:

  • Company Equity: As each LOOK security token represents a share of Look Lateral Preferred Stock, a LOOK Holder will have equity in Look Lateral Inc.
  • Revenue share: LOOK holders will receive a percentage of fees earned and received from transactions executed on Look Lateral’s Fimart platform.
  • Loyalty Points: LOOK holders earn dividends paid in Loyalty Points which can be exchanged for benefits and experiences in both the art world and on the Look Lateral platform, such as discounts, early access to artworks, VIP cards for art fairs, etc.

Please visit our website for more information: www.looklateral.com