Look Lateral And The IoT

The Look Lateral team has a dream of creating something new, something that brings the experience of art to all people. Art as a way of bringing beauty into the world of business. Art is an experience that touches people everywhere and every day. Look Lateral elevates this behavior in today’s connected world. We call it “Fresh Art Delivered Daily”.

Look Lateral’s vision goes one step further.

Creating value for everyone who is interested in the art market is our goal.

Big ideas can be small. Look Lateral adds a small, but unique component: the “Look Lateral Signature Provenance Tag”.

Dimitris Ladopoulos, Portrait

The art business model needs to evolve towards becoming an approach that attracts new participants in the market without distracting from the overall art appreciation experience. That’s the complex variable of art, business and technology that Look Lateral’s new approach solves for.

It’s a global venture that we are undertaking, an adventure that is supported by professionals in art, technology, and finance.



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