Look Lateral’s Magazine

First Issue • Winter 2018

Eugenia Bertelè, Art & Content Manager, Look Lateral

The new edition of

Look Lateral Magazine is a

collectible luxury book.

Printed in Italy on refined

papers and finished

with manual techniques.

Every single page

is one-of-a-kind…

A precious, rare volume

for readers to collect

and revisit for years to come.

Open the contents of this collectible magazine and it will take you to exotic places, introduce you to fascinating individuals, and heighten your artistic awareness and global perspective!

Ready? Go!

But this is not all!

Enjoy the new columns of Look Lateral Magazine

6 new columns were created to enrich the contents of the the new Look Lateral Magazine:

explore how technology is unlocking the value of art from the individual to the community (Art and Blockchain);

how big collectors speak about their role in the art ecosystem (In the collector’s own words);

what are the stories behind masterpieces (Tales from the history of Art);

what’s happening to the artwork in the age of its digital reproduction (Art Market);

how cities integrate contemporary art with urban development (Art and the city),

and why


is a world like the others (J’accuse).

Magazine info & readership

Issue: Contemporary art
Contents: International contributors, photographers, illustrators
Frequency: 4 times a year
Category: Printed and digital edition
Circulation: 3.000–5.000 copies
Language: English
Dimensions: 16,5x23 cm. 224 pages circa
Prices: Uk £14/Eurozone €16/Rest of the world US$20
Publisher: Look Lateral Edizioni, Mantua, Italy

Publishing Director: Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia
World Distribution: Pineapple Media Ltd, UK
Complementary Distribution: Art fairs, VIP lounges, art hotels, clubs, etc. Print: Arti Grafiche Castello
Readers: Art travelers, art lovers, creatives, curious, art professionals, collectors, etc.

For more information, download all Magazine press releases: http://blog.looklateral.com/magazine/