Fear and Loathing in Trump’s America: A Hunter S. Thompson Fan Fiction
Nick Jack Pappas

All will be clearer when the dust settles retrospectively after Trump has gone.

Thump is the great disrupter of Neo-Liberalism. I have no idea how Liberalism gets in the title when it is about Oligarchs taking over the world and owning people as they have for centuries in the past. Perhaps Neo Liberalism should be called Anti-Liberalism. There is no French or American Revolution where theoretically white slavery ended in New England, France and in Russia in 1850. Yet the old and new slave owners still have the same agenda, divide and rule to enslave.

Many are not aware that these TTIP negotiations we here about are sponsored by multi-national companies. The papers they present to organisations like the EU are secret. Not even members of the EU parliament can see them or be informed about the negotiations. The whole evil plot is to privatise every thing based on Friedmanism. It is a far call from Robert Peel’s call for free trade. It is more about monopoly.

So where does Trump and wooden Nationalism come in. Trump is the great “disrupter”. In the shake down the public are likely to become aware of the conspiracy against them. Lineage, identity, lineage are no longer valid. We no longer revere the ancestors as we have for millennium. We are now components and commodities in a mad race to extinction.

Even if you hate Trump in retrospect you may be glad of the bumpy ride.

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