The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD

Capitalism is an economic reality and came into being as soon as human populations had grown and needed to be organised and traded goods in the Stone Age. However, bad we think it is today it was worse in the past under the Romans and feudal medieval Church where slavery was widespread. It is a beast that has to be tamed and controlled, because it has a tendency towards oligarchy or plutocracy, where elites downgrade the value of fellow humans. It is something in our dna. It is what drives the animal kingdom - predator verses predator verses herbivore.

Socialism/Marxism has a utopian dream. The dream is the leaders and soon transfers into oligarchic or plutocratic tendencies. Socialism/Marxism along with Capitalism and Fascism are all right wing philosophies. Socialism, Fascism and Theocracy share a utopian dream, which is bound to degenerate over time and can sometimes fake itself as Liberalism. When Hegel devised the terms Right Wing and Left Wing he was thinking of the Catholic theocratic state verses the Enlightenment. The latter leads to Libertarianism, Liberalism and anarchy. To him the Church and the monarchies it supported were Right Wing / authoritarian.

Only Libertarianism, Liberalism and anarchism are worldly dreams as opposed to reaching a set point — the perfect condition. They are like a bouncing ball which is in mid-air. Like every ball they return to the ground so vigilance is needed. The real left has moral principles directed on to the individual. Yet one should always be aware that nothing is permanent and many political movements only pretend to be liberal so they can impose authoritarianism later.

In UK Gladstone instituted competitive examinations to prevent fathers buying high office for their sons. Latterly, private schools have been developed to cheat the system. Political parties at elections are controlled to prevent bribery and cheating. Today they try to circumnavigate the rules like people do with tax returns. So Liberalism is more effort than success, but there is nothing better. Unlike Marxism Liberalism is never determinism because its goal can never be reached

Keep fighting human nature…