The Plot Thickens in the Gnarly Story of IQ and Genetics
Stephanie Pappas

Creating a ruling Class.

You can probably find genes that can increase and lay down memory, which is what most people think is intelligence. We have been ruled for some years by high academic performers in a meritocracy of kinds, but the results have not been very startling. Putting people on pedestals increases their self-importance and makes them prone to glaring mistakes. The future survival of humans is on a knife-edge. Today many parents circumnavigate to meritocratic system through their wealth. One has to remember Einstein failed his exams and he was more than just a sponge. Real intelligence is creativity,. It is about connectivity and not exclusively memory (academic learning). It is really closer to the arts than humanity machine learning.

Even if we could duplicate intelligence, we are pitting humans against a new generation of machines (robots). That makes humans possibly obsolete, because they are parallel developments.

Our current elites are a rather pathetic bunch. Through their greed and competition, it seems that inevitably they will make humans extinct. There are other values that would create the perfect homo sapien. There is a need to fight back against individualism. Other human intelligence traits are more important like empathy, co-operation, self-sacrifice, and so on. These are the things that create happiness and cooperation creates more progress than conflict. Dare I say in an Islamophobic world, that Muhammad had a point when he suggested wealth, power, and intelligence was a blessing, not to be spent on oneself, but used for the benefit of the whole of society and shared. In the arguments of elites and eugenicists they forget that the human mind is not just a brain, but a garden that can be nurtured and fertilised.

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