The entire Russian conspiracy is based on the unproven conspiracy that Russia hacked “the election…
Trent Lapinski

Putin wants an enfeebled United States so he can extend his power like any megalomaniac. The majority of this wonderful country is poor and poorly informed like Christian America. Putin talks how tough and superior Russians are to weakling westerners. He talks of religion at the same time of the glories of tough men like Comrade Stalin. He is entirely delusional and manipulative like someone else we all know. He re-seized power like Erdewan is doing in Turkey. People like this are a menace to the world. When human survival is at state — overpopulation, urbanisation, consumerism, pollution and an evermore erratic climate we get idiots who direct the world towards their own fantasies over the well-being of Russian and all people in the world.

The worst thing is nationalism, religion and political movements of any kind is they act as a snake charmer that leads people to their own destruction or the destruction of others. Guilt and fear bread insecurity and make humans irrational.

Footnote: The over caring of the politically correct elite to the world’s problems can have similar results in making every thing worse. Africa is a prime example of unfurnished projects, corruption, dependency, lack of education, corporate exploitation and so on that has left the continent at a standstill with a growing population and all the terrors that will lead to. So both extremes are extremely dangerous.

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