Dear Muslim youth.
SF Ali

There is something wrong with Muslim Theology. How can the six Hadith Books be authentic when they are written hundreds of years after the advent of Islam. One scholar told me, if Hadith are intended why are they not given by the prophet or mentioned in the Qur’an? Other Scholars criticise the Qur’an by talking of Abrogation. Is Allah so imperfect He/She needed scholars to edit it. Very few Muslims know what a Lexicon is and do not realise words change meaning over time. One has to return to other writings at the time of composition. All three People of the Book religions are being misled by priests.

Perhaps faith is supposed to be simple like ordinary people live it. It is those that call themselves scholars that incite them, and mislead them. Scholarship comes with responsibility, humility, and the burden of others wrong doings.

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