How to use Chrome to bypass Google login problems.

I don’t know of many websites I would need to have multiple users on. Of course, the ones I build, but most others, we have a transactional relationship. Where I ignore everything they say, or at least I try to.

It’s hard when they get to buy free speech and monopolize public space, sound and attention. Individuals, you and me, on the other ends of the screens. Our time and attention, no matter how brief, is sold, they are not stopping us from preaching endlessly on a street corner. Spinning a sign is far more preferable, being a productive, enslaved, debased, money-digesting citizen is deemed acceptable. What twisted world advertising brings us.

It wields the power to implant a thought, a vision, a feeble imitation of a human living interaction. At best, it is an attempt to manipulate our mental and emotional beings into incentivized action. Our capacity to ignore the offensive nuisance grows quickly, but still, for subconscious milliseconds it takes a toll, creating an impulse which travels into our brain and influences our days. It can be an agent of unforeseen change. At what point does our tolerance for corporations, a human invention, allow them to interrupt our peace, our state of mind, our thoughts, with their thoughts? In exchange for some entertainment? Because we’re trapped in traffic? Right in the middle of a simple query for information from a very complicated machine? Advertising.

It is how old media stays alive in the creative content generation.

It is still an old model, which favors centralization of control and wealth building over a distributed, more equitable model based on experiential resonance leading to trade or financial contributions. Not an uneven exchange using time as a chit, which is limited for humans, and effectively unlimited for immortal Googles.

Not that Google will last forever, because nothing does, but it sells our time and attention. Which is bullshit. Google, is fundamentally based on old world, and will eventually dissolve, which is probably a reason why they divided their incorporation into Alphabet.

What is also bullshit is they can’t build a reliable multi-login platform across all their desktop web products( the knaves! ). They do pretty good, I have to admit. Several shortcomings. Hangouts. Gcloud.

So I’ve come to rely on opening a new incognito window with a bunch of these troublesome services in dedicated windows to solve the problem.

Don’t forget to enable adblock on incognito mode.

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