We, the people, deserve Donald Trump

What can be written that has not already been written.

Trump represents the modern American Dream. Born to wealth and squandering multiple fortunes. Along the way, have multiple wives, many more affairs, while grabbing up everything you can in this one short life. Wield fame, influence and power over people lives, and even have a reality show with simple decisions having real consequences for everyone but the one making the call.

Who would want to be normal when you could be Trump. He is our Hero.

Normal people have to turn themselves inside out to achieve anything. Far more is required for a bank loan then to run for president. We must sublimate our desires through what others tell us, absolving us of responsibility. A strong leader will take that responsibility for us.

Normal people are poor, regardless of how much money they make, eternally, they are trading time for money. The winners are the ones who convince other people to trade their time for money, they are the bosses.

Normal people make difficult choices every day, and suffer the consequences. Winners never have to face consequences for their decisions, for they have others to do their bidding, in exchange for money, blood is never on their hands.

Normal people pay into society for the benefits they receive. Winners do whatever it takes to elevate and rise above, for the world needs their unencumbered genius to truly thrive. This is why We Need Trump. He understands power, and will do whatever it takes to elevate what he deems important.

It is very clear that Clinton is the chosen one for this election, and has been for a very long time. The actions of the DNC and the flaccid flag waving of the RNC all point towards this being the case. The best way to disrupt the plans of the powers that be is to *Vote Trump*.

Force them to conduct election fraud again, and this time, the Democrats will not have the moral high ground.

We also deserve the economic ass-reaming we will get, with a Trump Presidency. Property, the final asset of the people, has been speculatively valued too high for for too long. Trump and his friends know how to devalue all the properties, and swoop in to pick up billions of dollars when those normal people who can’t afford to buffer against the shakeup.

All that money, re-allocated efficiently in a way that government could never even aspire towards, we can truly Make America Great Again. It’ll be HUGE. 👌👌

That is what business is, after all. Making deals where you are the winner.