LookRev Token Sale Announcement

Utilizing smart blockchain technology, Lookrev has created a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace for creative product makers. Using smart contracts as the infrastructure, it enables ordinary people to form distribution channels for their own custom products and to earn money. Unlike traditional affiliate programs where the seller waits to receive commissions, the Lookrev marketplace pays instantly via Cryptocurrency. All parties receive profits immediately.

This marketplace enables ordinary people to form and join distribution chains for their own custom creative products and to earn money. It dynamically generates an ongoing smart contract based proof-of-work product distribution chain, creating a trustworthy, mutually beneficial chain of services for product creation, customization, and distribution. By offering product customization based on real-time market feedback, it accelerates the process of finding product/market fit, building the framework of sustainable chains of businesses for custom creative products makers, distributors, retailers, and affiliates.

During a recent interview, the Founder of Lookrev was quoted as saying, “We believe that every person has their own unique talent and can contribute to our world in their own unique way.” She went on to say, “The purpose of LookRev is to build a supporting system for creative product makers and distributors. It brings diversity, creativity and innovation to the retail industry.”

To find out more about this exciting ICO and what Lookrev has to offer, visit their official website at: https://lookrev.com

The Whitepaper for this Initial Coin Offering can be accessed at: https://lookrev.com/whitepaper