A Series of UI/UX Case Studies of Existing Apps in Hong Kong

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Note: This is just a concept app made in my own spare personal time.


The Octopus Card is the world’s second reusable contactless stored value card that can make both online and offline payments in Hong Kong. When it first launched in September 1997, it was primarily used to collect fares from the mass transit system. …

My aim as a UI/UX Designer has always been to try to find ways to upgrade my skillset and learn new tools to create better products collaboratively.

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The contest that Dann Petty promoted through the use of YouTube and Dribbble got me excited to participate because I saw it as a learning opportunity to challenge myself to be creative outside my current job. …

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One of the Intro tutorial videos I followed embedded on their website (https://framer.com/getstarted/tutorials/designershow/#code)

Framer just announced its new design features for the software for December 20, 2017. For those who don’t know what Framer is. Framer is a new design tool for UX Designers to code interactions bridging design and code seamlessly together in one software. It showed lots of examples of what it could do and keeps improving its software with new design features. With all the hype that Framer was putting out there, stating that you don’t need to have prior coding experience as it’s so intuitive and easy to pickup, I went ahead and bought the license.

Disappointingly their tutorials are 2 years old and don’t match the same workflow with their new software. There’s not much on boarding experience either to teach someone how to use the software. And even if I downloaded an example file and looked at the code, I still have no idea how it all works together. It makes you wish they could have made a tutorial video for each example, rather than downloading the file and trying to figure it out by yourself. …


Stephen Leung

UI/UX Designer

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